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Product Description

The CEIVA Broadband adapter will allow your CEIVA Digital Photo Frame to retrieve new photos over your home network.

For use with CEIVA 2, CEIVA 3, CEIVA 7-inch, CEIVA 8-inch, CEIVAlife, CEIVAshare, CEIVA Pro 80 and CEIVAwifi frames.

This adapter is NOT compatible with CEIVA 1™ Receivers

If you wish to connect your frame through a traditional (analog) phone line, the CEIVA Broadband adapter is not needed.

Product Specifications

  • Downloads 10-20 times faster than dial-up
  • Allows multiple connections per day
  • No local dial-up phone numbers needed
  • Ideal for home or office digital phone systems

System Requirements:
  • CEIVA 2 Digital Photo Receiver™ (LF2003), CEIVA 3 Digital Photo Receiver™ (LF3000), CEIVA 7-inch Digital Photo Frame™ (LF4007), or CEIVA 8-inch Digital Photo Frame™ (LF4008), CEIVAlife™ (LIF408B-US), CEIVAshare™ (SHR508A-US), CEIVA Pro 80™ (PRO408A) or CEIVAwifi (PRO408W).
  • Internet Service Provider
  • A home network that supports dynamic addressing (DHCP) or static addressing.
  • An available Ethernet port on your home network router
  • An Ethernet cable