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One of the most revolutionary features of PicturePlan® Photo Delivery Service is your CEIVA's ability to connect automatically to retrieve photos. Once you set up your first connection, new photos you've been sent will appear on your frame — you don't have to do a thing!

First Time Connection Instructions

Step 1. Register Your CEIVA

Visit and sign into your CEIVA account or create a new one to register your frame. Or simply call us toll-free at 1-877-692-3482 and we'll register it for you. You will need to know your CEIVA serial number (a 12-digit number).

Step 2. Set Up Your Frame

Plug the power adapter and phone cord in the specified places on your frame (or wireless or broadband adapter into the C-Port) and into the appropriate wall outlets.

Step 3. Getting Connected

Highlight Connection Wizard in your frame's menu and push the Select button to be guided through setup. At the end, select Get Pictures Now and your CEIVA will be ready to receive photos.

That's it! For more assistance with any of these steps, search our Customer Care questions or call our U.S.-based Customer Care Team toll-free at 1-877-692-3482. Be sure to upload photos and invite guests in your CEIVA account to start getting photos on your frame. And take a look at our Photo Plugins and Software for information about photo sending options from Adobe, Facebook, Picasa, iPhoto, camera phones and more!