Pixo transforms your screens into beautiful picture displays

Pixo is a mobile & TV app that work together to transform any screen.

Showcase your own albums. Send pictures to screens anywhere.

Decorate any room with art and albums from the Pixo community.

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The Perfect Gift

We get thousands of letters, emails, and calls from happy customers that have received "the gift that keeps giving all year long".

For less than the price of a tank of gas, you can create joy and cheer with family and friends on screens they already have!

Send a unique Pixo gift by purchasing an inexpensive TV or tablet.

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The Perfect CEIVA

You don't have to give up CEIVA to start with Pixo.

All of your CEIVA photos are available in Pixo with the same great functionality.

Not ready for Pixo? No problem!

CEIVA will continue to deliver pictures and memories like it always has.