Have you seen all the great
pictures you've been taking?

You may have emailed some to friends or family, perhaps uploaded a few to Facebook or Flickr, but how many are you still carrying around on your phone? How many are languishing in folders on your computer or gathering dust on back-up discs and drives in drawers and cupboards? How many are still in a shoebox under the bed?! We don't take pictures to store them. We take them to preserve a moment so that it can be enjoyed again another day.

Well, it's another day, and it's time to set your photos
free with CEIVA Share™.

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Stay connected...
...with a Wi-Fi connection.

CEIVA Share has Wi-Fi built in, so you can wirelessly connect right out of the box. To ensure no one feels left out we also have a broadband adapter for wired internet connection.

"The photos I have sent through CEIVA these past years have included weddings, vacations, births, reunions, graduations and most significantly... simple every day events. The CEIVA gives me the precious opportunity to 'be with them' every day."
- Pamela Rowland, Ohio.

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Sending pictures is a snap.

Yep, there's an app for that: CEIVA Snap. Take a picture, choose a frame anywhere in the world and hit send. That's it.

In a few seconds you'll be making someone's day. We love how that feels.
We think you will too.

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Where are they now?

Remember all those other digital frames that didn't have a subscription?

No, neither do we, and neither does anyone else. We have a small monthly fee that's about the price of a good sandwich. For that you get:

  • Unlimited secure cloud based photo storage.
  • Various 'channels' and custom content for your frame.
  • Online photo editing tools.
  • True-to-Photo™ technology for beautiful, natural, images
  • US-based customer support.
  • Social media and photo site tools and plug-ins.
  • Apps and software - regularly updated and improved.
  • A seamless photo sharing experience like no other.

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You know it's part of
the family when it has
its own email address.

Yes, you read that right! It's that simple. Every registered CEIVA Share™ frame has its own unique email address. Invite friends and family to simply email pictures directly to your frame.

CEIVA Share™ might look like a digital picture frame, and make no mistake, it is - until you realize it's so much more than that; It's a story teller. A time machine. An old friend. A bringer of good tidings and great memories. A reminder of all the great times you've enjoyed - and those still to come.

If you love your life, you'll love your CEIVA.

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Lifetime warranty *

(Includes hurricanes)

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This sorry looking CEIVA didn't make it. Sadly the only thing this one now displays is a muddy memory of an epic storm.

There's a silver lining in this cloud though — not one single picture was lost, because they're all safe on our servers. So when we sent the owners their new frame, they simply plugged in, connected, and voila, all their pictures were back.

There's great value in a no nonsense warranty, but the real value is in knowing your pictures are safe. Because they are priceless.

* Lifetime Warranty is only valid for frames with an active CEIVA PicturePlan ®.