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How do I go about giving a CEIVA frame as a gift?

If you plan on giving a CEIVA® as a gift to someone, there are a few questions you may be asking yourself:

How do I control the online account for a gift recipient that does not have a computer?

To do this, you will be the one to register the CEIVA. As the administrator, you will have access to the web account and control over the pictures, channels, frame settings, and the guest list for that CEIVA.

Can I pre-load pictures on the CEIVA before giving it to someone?

Yes, you can. Simply register the CEIVA, send your photos, and repackage it. They'll see your custom slideshow as soon as they plug the CEIVA in.

If you've connected by phone (only on models sold before July 1, 2014), be sure to update your frame settings to make sure the dial-in number is local to your recipient. If not, the CEIVA may be dialing a long distance number to connect and your recipient may incur long distance charges. Click here to find a local number near your recipient.

Please note: If no local number is available, CEIVA offers a PicturePlan Membership with Toll-Free Connectivity.

How do I invite my friends and family to send pictures?

To learn how to invite your friends and family, please click here.

Whose information should be in the online account?

If you are the administrator, then use your contact information. If you would like your recipient to manage their own frame, then you should use their information.

Can I have more than one CEIVA under one sign-in name?

Yes, you can. While each CEIVA requires its own PicturePlan, you can have as many frames under one sign-in name as you want. The benefit to this is that you will be able to control the pictures, channels and frame settings for all CEIVA frames listed on the account.

Please note: You can have each frame's PicturePlan® and print orders billed to different credit cards by updating the Bill and Ship Profiles in the My Account section of the member site.

Can CEIVA ship my order to several different households?

CEIVA can ship your complete order to a different address than your billing address, but is not able to separate your order and ship to multiple addresses.

Who does CEIVA use to ship its products?

CEIVA uses UPS to ship customer orders. An order normally takes 24-48 hours to ship out of our warehouse and then approximately 5-7 business days to arrive. As the Holiday Season can be a very busy time, we recommend that you place your CEIVA order as early as possible to avoid delays.

Need it quicker? CEIVA offers expedited shipping; during checkout, you will have the option to choose a different means of shipment. During the Holiday Season, however, UPS may not guarantee all of its delivery options.

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