CEIVA® for Corporate Use

Who says you can't be in two places or two hundred places at once? Show off a unique slideshow of your latest products at multiple locations using the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame™. This powerful point-of-sale tool will demonstrate your company's innovative thinking by presenting your messaging, in full color, in showrooms or displays throughout the country.

Automatically update your photos effortlessly from one location every day or, with our broadband feature, every hour. No PC is required to run a CEIVA on location. With a Wi-Fi enabled frame, you also have the option of sending photos for instant, automatic display with the Instant Delivery option.

Deliver by date: Use CEIVA's PicturePlan® photo delivery service with our robust scheduling tools to update your entire network of frames. Reach your customers: Place in your offices or lobbies for an elegant showcase of your services. Schedule updates via Wi-Fi as often as every hour, or send right away with Instant Delivery!
Imprint with your logo: Place your logo on a black or woodgrain finished frame. A great idea for corporate gifts. Great for Events: Assign a unique email address to each frame and send photos instantly by email or camera phone.

Big or small, we can create a dynamic plan to meet all your needs.

For more information about our frame models and offerings for commercial use, visit our Promotional Products site or contact us today.