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Nothing Says Happy Birthday Like CEIVA®!

You say it’s your birthday? You say you want nothing more than good times with family and friends? After all, it’s the cherished moments we spend with family and friends that mean so much to us in life, right? You got that right! Well then. Say no more. We have the perfect birthday gift for you! CEIVA’s photo-sharing technology! With CEIVA Connected Photo Frames™ and the award-winning PicturePlan® technology, your family and friends can send photos to you anywhere you are - from everywhere! Whether you want to receive your photos on your CEIVA frame through an ordinary telephone line or by WIFI; whether you prefer to receive photos on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, Kindle, or by email (or maybe all of the above?); you can send easily with CEIVA! And, have a birthday that will last for many years to come! In fact, with CEIVA’S revolutionary photo sharing technology, your frame is guaranteed for a lifetime! And with it, come all the features that will make your CEIVA the best birthday present yet!

Wake up to new photos each day – automatically – without having to do a thing! Your CEIVA frame receives the photos from your grandkids on its own in the wee hours of the night. It will seem as if your family is there eating breakfast with you! And while you’re out for the day, you can access your photos on your smart phone, iPad or Kindle with the CEIVA Photos app. Happy Day!

CEIVA has a great selection of free CEIVA Channels where you can even count down to your birthday with the Special Event Countdown Channel! Another great channel is the Create-Your-Own Calendar Channel where you can use your own photos in the calendar display. You’ll also be able to get more CEIVA Content Channels like ABC News, New York Times and Mashable; ESPN Sports Standings and Scores; Calendar, Local and World Weather Channels; as well as others like Foodista, Scenic Destinations and the popular Pet Channel. Happy Day!

You can invite an unlimited number of friends and family to send you photos and each receive a FREE guest account. Each invited guest can customize photos with captions, word bubbles, borders and stickers and they can even send you a colorful digital greeting card. CEIVA has a large selection of customizable greeting cards. Both greeting cards and photos can also be scheduled to arrive on a particular day – like right on your next Birthday! Happy Birthday!

Taking a summer travel trip to Europe? It’s a snap to send photos back to your family and friends as well with CEIVA Snap app for both iOS and Android. With just the snap of your finger, you can send your vacation photos back to CEIVA frames anywhere – and the photos will appear automatically. While you are at it, send them back to your frame as well and they’ll be there for you when you return.

Nothing says Happy Birthday like CEIVA! Get the gift that will keep you and your family and friends connected for years to come and have a happy birthday. For more information on CEIVA Connected Photo Frames, visit CEIVA online at www.ceiva.com or call toll-free in the United States at 1-877-692-3482.

About CEIVA Logic, Inc.

CEIVA, www.ceiva.com, (see-va) the inventor of connected digital photo frames, provides lifestyle-enhancing products that enable families and friends to automatically share and display an endless slideshow of all their treasured photos. CEIVA Digital Photo Frames™ with PicturePlan® allow members to send photos directly to the frame from anywhere in the world, store an unlimited number of photos online and enjoy the worry-free PicturePlan® Lifetime Warranty. Patented technology exclusively from CEIVA is designed for every generation to use with ease so that daily photo sharing is always a rewarding experience. CEIVA products are available at ceiva.com and at select retailers. CEIVA headquarters are located in Burbank, CA.